Onsite Servers

We are a Dell partner, so when you need a good server, fair price and need a good warranty we go to Dell. Out of all the projects we do […]

Office 365

Moving your Email to Office 365 is one of the best first steps in getting to the Cloud. Having email in the cloud allows for less hardware at your office […]

Office move

Virtualization allows you to convert the multiple servers you have all into one or two server. Basically, your current servers and new servers can becaome a file running off of […]

ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel connect is a Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems that allows you to plug in your office phone anywhere you have an Internet connection. It will allow your office to […]

Open DNS

OpenDNS is a simple but important tool in security. It helps protect your computers against cryto. type attaches and in addition allows you to control how your users, use the […]

Managed Services

With OC Tech IT Managed Services we manage your computer network, to help your business thrive with technology. We use the highest technology to monitor a variety of different aspects […]

Cloud Backup

We have multiple options for Cloud Backup solutions. This takes the files and folders on your servers or workstations and puts them in the Cloud. If a disaster occurs they […]

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is the process, policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure which are vital to an organization after a natural […]